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Choosing a neutral is an important decision. A neutral must see both sides of a dispute, be decisive, and know the area of law in dispute. Parties want a fair hearing while reducing the cost of extended litigation. We offer innovative neutral services that give the parties control, efficiency, and results.


Arbitration is a binding adjudicatory process to resolve legal disputes out of court. The parties choose, in writing, to have their claims heard by an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators instead of going to court. The parties also choose the set of rules that will apply to the arbitration.


Mediation is a voluntary negotiation to resolve legal disputes, facilitated by a neutral mediator. In mediation, the parties have the opportunity to share information about their positions while trying to negotiate a mutually agreeable outcome to their disputes.

News & Events

December 2023 – Laura moved her office to the Cambridge Innovation Collaborative (CIC) in Providence

October 17, 2023 – Laura co-presented trainings on writing stipulations for successful mediations in court

June 1, 2023 – Laura co-presented Arbitration & Mediation: Practice Pointers at the Rhode Island Bar Association Annual Meeting

May 11, 2023 – Laura co-presented trainings on writing stipulations for successful mediations in court

July 2022 – Laura published “View From An Arbitrator, Tips to Increase Your Success in Arbitration” in the Rhode Island Bar Journal (July/Aug 2022)

June 2022 – Laura was elected President of the Board of Directors, Center for Mediation

February 2022 – Laura joined the Executive Committee for the RI Bar Association ADR Committee

Jan 2022 – Laura co-presented a seminar on “Overcoming Impasse: An Exploration of Strategies That Work” with Marilyn Quinn at the Center for Mediation

November 2021 – Laura co-presented a seminar on “Completing the Toolkit [for Mediators]” with Jud Perkins at the Center for Mediation

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    Carol M.

    Very good experience. Arbitrator was very polite and professional. Her questions were very fair and you have a chance to respond so it’s not all one sided.. The website was very easy to navigate, would definitely recommend this process to anyone.

    Kyron H.

    I am happy to have my claim looked into by a third party without the hassle of going to court and being delayed. I submitted all my evidence and it’s being handled in a timely manner.

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